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LOKER Orang Tua Group – Hai kalian semua selamat hari selasa di akhir bulan oktober tahun 2022 ini, untuk yang masih bersemangat dalam mencari pekerjaan. Hari ini kami akan memberikan info LOKER Orang Tua Group dengan beberapa posisi yang menarik.

Tentang Perusahaan

OT is a consumer goods company that produces a wide range of daily necessities. From a traditional health drink with consistent use of high quality ingredients and standardized processes, OT is increasingly becoming a modern enterprise, without parting from the positive values and dignity instilled by the company’s founder.

Our products, ranging from food and beverages to personal care products, have since long been part of life for Indonesian consumers. Our established brands include Formula, Tango, Teh Gelas, MintZ, Blaster, Oops, and Kiranti. In point of fact, for its quality, OT products are offered in the international market, so can now also be enjoyed abroad.

With a focus on consumer needs and through ongoing innovation, OT has launched superior products that were granted various awards from nationally and internationally recognized survey organizations.

Our achievements cannot be separated from the support of consumers, employees, and the values that we have believed in from the beginning. The trust and hard work of many different parties have formed OT into a company that is committed to constantly improve on products and work processes to meet all consumer needs.


OT has transformed from a company that only produces traditional health drinks into a large organization that offers a wide range of daily necessities


OT began its journey in Indonesia with traditional health drinks. In those early years, public acceptance of its products was good and OT expanded rapidly. Hence, OT build a second factory in Jakarta to support its operations in Semarang


Along with changing consumers needs for everyday products, OT decided to venture into the business of consumer goods by investing in construction of production facilities and new business units. Toothpaste and toothbrush under the FORMULA brand were the first products manufactured. One year later, OT formed a holding company called ADA, which stands for Attention, Direction, and Action. Under the banner of ADA, which mean ‘available’ in the Indonesian language, business development, product diversification, and increasing production capacity continue to be the target of a successful run. 

In this year, OT appointed PT. Arta Boga Cemerlang as its sole distributor, entrusted with handling and management of the OT product distribution channels throughout Indonesia.


In this year, ADA was renamed ORANG TUA. The rich brand history and core values had rooted well in the Indonesian society, which presented a huge advantage for the company. After changing the name, the business developed rapidly. 

In line with this progress, ORANG TUA decided to make changes to its logo that same year.


In this year, the ORANG TUA (OT) logo was modernized again, to better reflect OT as a dynamic, energetic and youthful consumer goods companies, becoming a source of pride for all its employees.

At present, the business is still growing, with the addition of other OT business units and new products.

  • Food (wafer, biscuits, chocolate, candies, nuts, and desserts)
  • Beverages (ready to drink tea and healthy drinks)
  • Personal Care (dental and mouth care, hair products, and razors)

Pendaftaran paling lambat pada : 30 OKTOBER 2023


Social Media Marketing Staff

Job Descriptions:

  • Analyze and evaluate audience responses on social media.
  • Build and strengthen the brand identity.
  • Create a social media content plan that is line with the brand’s goals and identity.
  • Create a report on the company’s social media development.
  • Keep up with social media trends.
  • Ability to adapt and follow trends
  • Have basic knowledge of SEO.
  • Responsible for the content created


  • Bachelor’s degree from any major, preferably marketing or graphic design
  • Fresh graduates are welcomed.
  • Min. CPA>3.OO
  • Willing to be placed in Jakarta Barat



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